rust and stardust.

In The Eyes Of Sadness© 2014 Akif Hakan CelebiTokyoYashica T-Zoom + Kodak 400

i found two gems for a dollar

‘So I began to shoot tests with different film stocks and found a low-contrast Kodak stock, 5277, that I had never used before. It was softer, muted, and had noticeable grain to it. I thought it would help create a forlorn nostalgia in the mood of the story. I discovered the stock was being discontinued and had to find all that was left of it in Canada and the US to be able to use it. The film’s pastel quality and the way it rendered colors also helped to create the images of fantasy and desire of the adolescents, like the melancholy longing of the novel.’



long exposure

park around 10 at night and film was dunked in water before being developed


(via sodapop-starlet)


London girls protesting for mini-skirts, c. 1966.

Runaway heroine by bellalula on Flickr.

Paola Rojas H.
" Hair is associated with sexual power. With passion. The woman’s sexual passion needs to be minimized, so that the spectator may feel that he has the monopoly on such passion”
Ways of Seeing - John Berger

‘Havana, Cuba’ by Alex Webb, 1993